Supposedly to be offered as a smaller option to the Tiguan, Volkswagen’s Polo-based SUV has recently been seen in its production-body guise albeit with heavy camouflage.

Side profile of the Polo-based SUV

The yet-unnamed SUV has earlier been seen with other chassis acting as test mules, but only recently has it surfaced with its full production body out in the open.

Rear quarter of the Polo-based SUV

Volkswagen hinted at this vehicle through their T-Breeze Concept at Geneva which was a small SUV that came in cabriolet form. This particular SUV however will have proper doors as well as a roof when it hits dealership floors in 2018.

The rear of the Polo-based SUV

While this vehicle may be built on the MQB platform just like the Golf and Polo, its proportions suggest that it will have its own distinct look instead of looking like a Polo on stilts. Currently, powertrain options have yet to be identified for this vehicle.