Spied: Will Ferrari revive the Dino?


458 test mule suggests return of the baby Ferrari

Having long since departed from creating the baby V6 Ferrari in 1968, it looks like Maranello is working on a new iteration of the Dino. As the Dino was poised to be a “cheaper Ferrari” (as if saying that makes it any more affordable), likely we may see the same format for this upcoming version of the car.

This particular mule our spies have caught testing in Sweden merely looks like a 458 with some panels cladded. Upon closer inspection though, some signs indicate the differences it has from the standard model. Most strikingly among these changes is the huge side intakes on the rear quarter panel of the car. Similar to that of the 488 GTB, this is likely to introduce more air for a turbocharged powerplant.

Having considered that fact, Ferrari have recently produced a V6 version of their turbocharged V8 for Alfa Romeo’s Giulia Quadrifoglio – further pointing to another sign this motor may well be used for another car apart from the new four-door saloon. If it’s anything to go by, our spies indicated that this mule did not particularly sound like a V8 either.

All of this is still speculation at this point. But with Ferrari chief Sergio Marchionne earlier stating that the Dino’s return is “not a concern of if but when,” everyone has eyes on the return of the baby Ferrari.

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