Spied: Yes, this is the all-new Porsche 911 Turbo


The 992 Turbo now sports exterior changes

While previous test mules of the 992 Turbo have been based off the 991 and the standard 992, this particular mule caught by our spies appears to be the real deal 992 with all the right bits attached.

Previously our spies would either catch the turbo mule with concealed bits such as an older exhaust system or 991 panels, but this time it appears Porsche have fitted the 992 Turbo with all its relevant pieces. For starters the 992 Turbo distinguishes itself with double LED strips up front.

The wider track also means this indeed is the Turbo body we’re seeing – although the fenders still seem to be a work in progress. At the back we can see that the 992 Turbo ditches the 991 Turbo’s retractable wing in favor of a fixed wing – and those boxy quad tip tailpipes also appear to be a new addition as well.

With the current 991 Turbo standing at 580 PS, the next-gen 992 Turbo may be looking at numbers past 600 PS with its twin turbo flat-six. Details are still scarce for the next-gen 911 Turbo, but for now Porsche appears to be well into the development stages for this iteration of the 911.

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