2024 Toyota Hilux G adopts Conquest front fascia

Thanks to our eagle-eyed readers and anonymous sources, we've seen in the past few weeks and months what Toyota Motor Philippines has been up to. We've had the first images of the Zenix and the Yaris Cross before they were launched, and more recently the Hilux GR Sport with its wider fenders and beefed-up engine.

But speaking of the latter, our sources have given us some more juicy information. Apparently, it's not just the Hilux GR-S that's getting updated for the 2024 model year. It turns out, the mid-spec Hilux G is also getting its own dose of updates.

Based on the photo sent to us, the 2024 Hilux G is getting that semi-Conquest look. Currently, the Hilux G being sold in dealerships comes with a different front fascia, but that's about to change in the 2024 model year.

The 2024 Hilux G has adopted the LED headlights, the grille, the foglight bezels as well as the overfenders from the current Conquest variant. It also comes with two-tone alloy wheels with a new six-spoke design, replacing the current set of wheels that were borrowed from the Fortuner. However, the rear sports bar did not make its way to the G variant, and this could have been done to distinguish the G variant from the Conquest.

As for its engine, we expect Toyota to carry over the existing 2.4-liter 2GD-FTV unit with the same power figures and transmission options for the 2024 model year. Currently, the Hilux G is offered in 2WD M/T and 2WD A/T variants.

In terms of interior upgrades, nothing has been confirmed yet. But we won't be surprised if Toyota updates the head unit and comes with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard since the Hilux G shares the same head unit as that of the Conquest and GR-S.

Our insiders have also told us Toyota has already begun shooting updated Hilux units for promotional purposes, which means a launch could be on the cards in the coming weeks.