It seems as though aftermarket wheels manufacturers are going back in time for new wheel designs. Recently, Desmond Wheels brought back the iconic Spoon SW388 and reintroduced the new Regamaster line for 2018. Now, Speed Star Wheels – more popularly known as SSR – has introduced the new Formula Aero Mesh.

SSR goes retro with new Formula Aero Mesh wheels

One word to describe the new Formula Aero Mesh woud be retro, sporting a design similar to mesh wheels of the 80's. In fact, the outer edge is similarly design to that of the SSR Formula Mesh, which has been in production for quite some time already. What sets the Formula Aero Mesh apart from the rest would be the aero-plate center somewhat reminescent of turbofans of the era.

Like most of SSR's lineup, the Formula Aero Mesh has a 3-piece construction, giving it multiple sizes and offset to choose from. Currently, SSR Japan is offering it only in 16, 18, and 19 inch sizing. Despite the limited sizes at launch, this allows the wheel to be fitted on multiple vehicles from classic 80s models to the newer vehicles of today. For a truly custom wheel, the Formula Aero Mesh can be painted in multiple colors with the aero-plate being available in either red or blue.

SSR goes retro with new Formula Aero Mesh wheels

Interstingly, not a lot of details have been released regarding the SSR Formula Aero Mesh. Most details regarding the wheels are in Japanese, and they do not seem to be offering the wheel outside of Japan just yet.

As with most quality 3-pieces wheels, they are usually not cheap. Prices of the SSR Formula Aero Mesh start at around 59,000 yen (Php 28,000) per piece for the 16-inch models and can go up to 106,000 yen (Php 50,000) depending on the size.