If you regularly traverse Commonwealth Avenue, then you're probably used to (or forced to be used to) daily gridlock, especially during rush hour. The daily nightmare starts in Regalado Avenue as you slog through the entirety of Commonwealth. It can take an hour just to get to the Quezon City Memorial Circle.

There are several factors for the slow commute. There are the erring PUVs, further worsened by the construction of the MRT-7 construction. Unfortunately, there is another reason as to why driving through Commonwealth Avenue is becoming more and more tedious.

The MMDA and Quezon City Department of Public Safety have long been putting up signs for loading and unloading PUV passengers along Commonweath Avenue. However, it seems like members of the riding public want to get aboard a Jeepney, bus or UV Express shuttle as quickly as they can. As a result, some of them have taken it to the streets, literally. Commuters are standing on the major thoroughfare itself, risking life and limb to get a ride.

Netizen Mae Karen Oquindo snapped a few photos that show the gravity of the problem. Commuters aren't just waiting on the yellow bus lane, but also near the motorcycle lane as well. With people crowding the road itself, it forces the PUVs to load and unload passengers in the middle of the road. As pointed out by social media commenters, it has been a problem even before the construction of the MRT-7 project.

Perhaps it's the invasion of space on the sidewalks or just the need to find a ride, some commuters are willing to risk getting hit by vehicles just to hail down transport. Factor in the population in Metro Manila and one can say that the sidewalks aren't enough to keep people standing on the road.

With the changes for PUVs coming soon, hopefully, there will be more designated stops that will no longer force people to take this risk. For now, however, this is what's been happening along Commonwealth Avenue.