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Startup developing heat-to-power tech for cars


Alphabet Energy, Borla developing thermoelectric exhaust system

Electric motors won’t be the only source of renewable energy for cars as Alphabet Energy and Borla exhaust announced a nonexclusive partnership to develop a thermoelectric fuel-efficiency product for internal combustion engines.

In other words, Alphabet Energy and Borla teamed up to develop a new type of exhaust system that will capture heat and provide an additional type of energy.

According to Alphabet Energy, the thermoelectric generator has the ability to capture 5- to 10-percent of a vehicle's wasted head from the exhaust as electricity, which can then be used to replace or reduce the load used up by the car’s alternator or generator if it’s a hybrid.


Both Borla and Alphabet Energy plan to sell the exhaust system to other companies in the future as a way of making it attainable to fleet companies or to private individuals.

While the exhaust itself may not be ready for the mainstream market of private cars, it may prove to be beneficial for big companies that operate large industrial vehicles like trucks or busses.

There is no word yet on what phase the new exhaust system is in or when it will be introduced to the market.

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