Groupe PSA and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles dropped a bombshell into the automotive industry last year when they announced that they will be joining forces. The two auto groups officially tied the knot just a few days before Christmas last year and announced that all 13 brands will be kept under the 50:50 merger.

Now, the two companies have announced that they will start a new corporate identity together, and that new group will have a name: Stellantis.

Rooted in the Latin verb “stello” which means to “brighten the stars”, the Stellantis name draws inspiration from the 'new and ambitious alignment' of the many automotive brands that make up Groupe PSA and FCA.

The idea for the name actually came from senior management from the two companies. They did not exactly say how it came to fruition, only stating that the name's Latin origins pay homage to the rich history of the founding of the companies, while the addition of astronomy embodies the new group's optimism.

Stellantis is the new name of merged PSA-Fiat Chrysler group image

Don't expect a car bearing the Stellantis name in the future as both automakers said that the new name will be used exclusively at the corporate level. As for the logo, the company is still trying to come up with one. We won't be surprised though if Groupe PSA and FCA decided to go with a star-inspired logo to reflect its 'brighten the stars' theme.

But with the completion of the merger project expected to happen sometime in Q1 of 2021, it might take a while before the final logo and design will be revealed as well.

Whether Stellantis will have a cool logo or not, the 50:50 merger between FCA and Groupe PSA is expected to become the world's fourth-largest automaker with annual vehicle sales amounting to around 8.7 million vehicles.

At least the company didn't go for the name Lion-Star Motors as that would have been a bit too similar to Chrysler's previous joint venture with Mitsubishi called Diamond Star Motors, or DSM.