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Stolen car retrieved... via Facebook


Cyberstalking has its uses

No, Facebook is no longer just for accessing your profile or updating your status, as for Utah-based auto rental agency Affordable Rent-A-Car, it turned out to be the easiest way to recover one of their long overdue (thus stolen) vehicles.

According to AutoGuide, when the agency's staff attempted to contact Jennifer Marshall Hansen, 42, from Sandy City, Utah regarding the return of their 2009 Ford Explorer after its return date on September 1, the woman ignored all the phone calls and e-mails they sent.

One of the company's employees then proceeded to try alternate means, eventually adding the woman as a friend on Facebook. Hansen, as many tend to do, accepted the friend request from the stranger, and eventually the employee set up a date and the woman once again agreed.

Hansen arrived at the location with the long overdue Ford Explorer, and was promptly arrested by the police for theft of a rental car. Jennifer Marshall Hansen now faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Looks like she won't be updating her status anytime soon.

SOURCES: The Washington Post, AutoGuide, TheCarConnection

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