Last year, Brabham Automotive officially made its return to the automotive landscape by unveiling the BT62 – the first vehicle the company has produced after 26 years. 

The BT62 featured aggressive styling all around, fitted with a large splitter, canards, diffusers and a massive rear wing which all work together to help generate 1,200kg of downforce. Thanks to its extensive use of carbon fiber, it only weighs 972 kg dry. A 700 PS 5.4-liter V8 then makes the car go fast around the track and the track alone. That's because Brabham's newest supercar is a track only machine, and is not street legal. 

Street legal Brabham BT62 hypercar confirmed

However, that will soon change. 

Brabham recently announced that they will be offering a conversion for the BT62, allowing it to be safely used on the road with ‘minimal compromise to its race-bred circuit dynamics’. According to the automaker, the street-legal model will have an increase in weight and increased ride height, but retain the same 700 PS output. Other additions include an increased steering lock range, door locks and immobilizers, and even air-conditioning. 

Street legal Brabham BT62 hypercar confirmed

Customer cars fitted with the street-legal conversion will undergo the ‘DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) test’. According to Brabham, the test ensures that their cars will be able to meet all regulatory and legal standards to use the BT62 on the road.

For those wondering how much the conversion will cost, Brabham says owners will have to pay another £150,000 (Php 10 million) on top of the car. As of writing, the automaker says that conversions are only being offered in the UK, European market as well as Australia. 

The first street-legal Brabham BT62 is set to be delivered later this year.