After the anomalous modus operandi of Arcson Towing Company went viral on social media last week, the Metropolitan Manila Development (MMDA) has decided to add a few more steps to the process of accrediting towing companies in order to ensure that incidents like that will not happen again.

Aside from the usual documentary requirements, prospective towing companies need to submit all their personnel to a drug test while also allowing their trucks to undergo a diagnostic examination and emissions testing.

The inclusion of these measures will become standard procedure in the accreditation of all towing companies in the future to ensure that 'only qualified and decent' people will be employed by towing companies.

"We need to cleanse the ranks of tow truck operators. Those isolated unscrupulous incidents are hurting the image of MMDA, since we are the one issuing the accreditations," said MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos.

The tests will be conducted by the MMDA Towing Group headed by Victor Nuñez and will start with some 270 personnel who are currently undergoing a seminar and training on the proper towing procedure.

"We will conduct the test at Ultra in Pasig. All towing crew and liaison officers, it's a mandatory test because some personnel are allegedly involved in extorting money for drug use," said Nunez.

After undergoing the drug test, towing personnel will be made to take an examination where no less than a 100-percent rating is needed to pass.

Should a towing company personnel test positive for substance abuse, they will immediately be banned from the job, blacklisted and prevented from entering the MMDA impounding area.

"The public can call our hotline 136 for any complaints or clarifications concerning these towing companies. Just provide us the necessary information and we will deal with them accordingly. Vehicles should only be towed if they are left unattended for five minutes," added Carlos.