A deeper look into the new N7X Concept

Honda may not have revealed the next-generation BR-V yet, but they did give us an idea of what it will eventually look like. This was made possible when Honda revealed the N7X Concept.

Comparing the two, they do look very different. If you didn’t know about it, you would think they are completely different models based on the photos alone. To see what’s new with the N7X, let’s do a quick styling comparison between the two models.

One of the biggest surprises to us was how Honda redesigned the body of the N7X. Compared to the BR-V, which looked like a more rugged version of an MPV, the N7X Concept has the shape of a proper crossover. Do remember, however, that the current BR-V is based on the Mobilio, which in turn is sold as an MPV.

Back to the N7X concept, the vehicle has short overhangs at the front and rear. Compared to the BR-V, it and looks wider, taller, and even longer. You’ll also find more black cladding all over, giving it that proper rugged crossover look. In contrast, the current BR-V still resembles an MPV albeit with some rugged touches thanks to the black moldings. From the photos, the N7X concept appears to ride taller too, something we’ve wanted Honda to improve on in the BR-V. Honda, however, has retained a similar greenhouse as the current BR-V, including the upward kink on the rear quarter window.

The biggest change Honda made to the N7X over the BR-V is adopting the brand’s new sportier design language. Remember, the current-gen BR-V was launched in 2015. As a result, it was styled according to the brand’s design language at the time, which was the first iteration of the “Solid Wing Face” philosophy.

Honda has since evolved it into the aggressive-looking front end that we see in their vehicles today. From the Accord down to the City, they all have slim LED headlights and a bolder grille, and the N7X receives the same treatment. With it, the N7X’s new face somewhat resembles that of the current-generation Accord.

Style Check: Honda BR-V vs. N7X Concept image

Much like Honda's other vehicles, the automaker also revised the rear-end of the N7X. It’s a lot simpler with a pair of slim taillights that looks similar to the ones fitted on the City and City Hatchback. Gone are the faux air vents at the corner of the bumpers found on the current BR-V. Instead, it's cleaner with just black trim on the lower half of the rear bumper.

Unfortunately, Honda didn’t show what the interior of the N7X Concept looks like. We’re curious if even this model will adopt the brand’s new interior styling of “Simplicity and Something”. We’ve already seen it in the new HR-V/Vezel and the 2022 Civic. Only time will tell whether or not the N7X Concept/next-gen BR-V will do the same.

With the N7X Concept already out, it might not be long before we see the next-generation BR-V debut in the metal. Assuming Honda doesn’t tone down the design of the N7X Concept for production, do you like how it looks so far? Or do you still prefer the current BR-V? Let us know what you think in the comments section.