Building a vehicle is no easy task. There are a number of things that can go wrong during production, causing one or even a whole batch of vehicles to be scrapped or sent back to the factory. Vehicle quality inspection prevents drivers from getting their hands on faulty cars. 

And that's what Subaru has just improved upon.

In order to ensure that all their vehicles are of quality, Subaru recently established a new Vehicle Inspection Department under their Quality Assurance Division. To be specific, the newly established department will conduct vehicle inspection work, a job previously handled by the Manufacturing Quality Control Department of the Gunma Manufacturing Division. The works include the final vehicle inspections needed and as prescribed by Japanese laws and regulations.

According to Subaru, the purpose of the change is to “ensure quality of manufactured vehicles pursuant to the company’s quality-first principle, by making the operation of vehicle inspections independent from the manufacturing organization and belong to the quality assurance organization”.

With the new system in place, the Manufacturing Quality Control Department will now focus on in-process quality control while final vehicle inspections will be done by the newly established department. This allows Subaru to have better quality control over vehicles leaving their plant. More so, they can even catch defective or below-quality units before they arrive in showrooms around the world.