Subaru BRZ owners, your unit might be part of a recall

Toyota 86 owners aren't the only ones affected by the fuel pump recall. Its Subaru twin, the BRZ, is also included.

Following Toyota Motor Philippines' announcement that the 86 is now part of the recall for the faulty fuel pump, we reached out to Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP) and asked whether the Subaru BRZ is also affected. The short answer is yes. The Toyobaru twins are made at the same plant in Gunma, Japan, after all. It wouldn't be surprising if an issue in one model also affected the other.

Unfortunately, MIP was not able to provide a number on how many BRZ units are affected in the country. For reference, 32 units of the Toyota 86 are affected locally. However, we were told it would be the same batch as the affected 2018 MY 86 produced. More importantly, MIP's aftersales team will soon be contacting owners with affected vehicles for the recall.

If you happen to own a Subaru BRZ, it would be best to contact your dealer for confirmation. Alternatively, you can wait for Subaru's aftersales team to contact you first rather than heading straight to the dealership.

The MIP's aftersales will then ask when it would be convenient to bring the vehicle to the dealership for the recall. This process will make it safer for customers as there would be less physical contact between them. Similar to Toyota, Subaru will replace the BRZ's fuel pump free of charge.