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Subaru Asia launches EyeSight advanced safety tech, updated 2018 Outback


Better safety through technology with Subaru EyeSight

Motor Image, the exclusive distributor of Subaru in 9 Asian countries, has just kicked off the next phase in automotive safety technology with launch of the brand's range of EyeSight features in the region at the Singapore Motorshow.

“We are thrilled to finally launch the award-winning Subaru EyeSight technology at the Singapore Motorshow 2018. EyeSight completes Subaru's core technology pillars to present a wholesome and attractive package for customers who are looking for the highest standards of safety, driving performance and comfort in a car.” said Mr. Glenn Tan, Managing Director of Tan Chong International, Limited, the parent company of Motor Image.


EyeSight is Subaru's name for a series of advanced features based on a series of sensors and stereo cameras to enhance overall safety through functions like automated emergency braking, lane sensing, throttle override, lane departure warning, and a cruise control system that can be safely and effectively used even in heavy stop and go traffic.

Along with the regional introduction of Subaru's proprietary EyeSight technology, the Singapore Motorshow also served as the launch platform for the updated 2018 Subaru Outback.

The 2018 Outback gets a facelift with a revised bumper and hexagonal grill, new wheels, and other design tweaks. The Outback also gets a revised 2.5-liter engine with a new alternator for improved efficienct, better connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a CVT with a 7-speed manual mode, headlights with projectors that swing to track the road, cameras positioned to reduce blind spots, and more.

The suite of EyeSight-related features will initially be available in a wide range of Subaru models such as the XV, the Legacy, Impreza, and the new Outback. 

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