They were a little quiet about it, but MotorImage now has the Subaru BRZ -the counterpart of the Toyota 86- at their showroom in EDSA Greenhills.

The BRZ is the Subaru version derived from the joint project with Toyota which gave birth to the 86, a car we drove three months ago. THe BRZ is manufactured alongside the 86 at their plant in Gunma.

Mechanically, the BRZ is identical to the 86 with a 200 horsepower 2-liter Boxer engine, front engine, rear-wheel drive dynamics and the same transmissions. The difference is in the exterior, where some styling cues and details have been changed.

Currently, the sole unit on display is not for sale yet, but is available for public viewing. So pay the showroom a visit to see the all new Subaru BRZ before someone snaps it up... the line for the 86 is quite long, after all.

Update: We just found out about the planned pricing for the Subaru BRZ which is set at Php1.928M for either the manual or automatic.