It's been nearly five years since the Subaru BRZ was launched and during that time, no uprated STI version was released. The long wait is now over as the Japanese automaker is giving their sport coupe more power and more handling goodies with the upcoming BRZ STI.

To be revealed next week, June 8, the BRZ STI will serve as the range-topping variant in the range. They previewed the car by showing the rear section of the car and it sports a tall rear wing. Other than that, no further details were given other than the release date.

As previewed by the rear wing, it is likely that the BRZ STI will come with an enhanced aero package for its front bumper, as well as a different rear bumper. Handling also gets an upgrade with test mules being spotted with larger Brembo brakes. Expect the BRZ STI to come with a unique suspension set up to further enhance handling.

Subaru BRZ STI to be revealed next week

If one were to base it on the BRZ STI tS in Japan, this model might come a with re-tuned rear dampers and an STI-designed V-shaped strut bar. Also added in the tS is a flexible front draw stiffener and a large-diameter drive shaft. Unlike the STI, the tS did not come with a power boost.

Subaru was tight-lipped about the engine upgrade but did insist that it will have more power than the current figures. As it stands, the BRZ puts out 200 PS and 205 Nm of torque from its 2.0-liter flat-four engine. It is unlikely that it will be turbocharged but it is possible that horsepower could be pegged at the 220 to 230 PS region. Subaru has yet to confirm if it will be offered outside North America.