Last year, Fuji Heavy Industries Inc. renamed itself as Subaru Corporation. Besides building cars, Subaru Corp. also manufactures construction equipment such as generators, pumps and similar products. Now however, the company has announced that they will stop production of construction equipment to focus on vehicle manufacturing.

Subaru did say that aftersales support will continue for the heavy industries division. Their announcement ends over 60 years of manufacturing heavy equipment. Besides that, Subaru also produced snow mobiles and all-terrain vehicles. While the announcement was made earlier this week, the company said they were no longer building non-automotive products since September 30, 2017.

“By concentrating management resources on Subaru’s core automotive business, the company will further reinforce its business structure in the aim of substantially enhancing the Subaru brand and achieving even greater sustainable growth,” said the official statement from Subaru Corporation.

Subaru has come a long way since it first started out in 1917. A century ago, the company we now know as one of the leading all-wheel drive automakers begun as an aircraft research laboratory. Under Fuji Heavy Industries Inc., Subaru was the biggest profit maker for the said conglomerate. 100 years later, Subaru has surpassed one million vehicle sales for the first time in its history. Subaru also has a slew of all-new cars coming in the near future, such as the Ascent, WRX and STI.