Motor Image Pilipinas just revealed all the vehicles it will launch in the coming months, and there's a lot. There are six in total, including the all-new BRZ, Levorg, Evoltis, and refreshed XV, Outback, and WRX.

These are exciting times from Motor Image Pilipinas but there is one model Subaru Japan revealed earlier this year that didn't make it to the list. It's one that we actually expected to see – the turbocharged Forester.

Last October, Subaru finally gave the Forester the turbocharged engine it deserved. Called the Forester Sport, it is essentially Japan's version of the new Forester XT. Sadly for enthusiasts, it's not the 2.4-liter mill in the Evoltis/Ascent or the 2.0-liter turbo flat-four in the WRX. Instead, what's fitted is Subaru's new turbocharged 1.8-liter engine; the same as the one used in the all-new Levorg. Called the CB18, it's good for 177 HP and 300 Nm torque and is paired to a Lineartronic CVT.

On the outside, the Forester Sport looks very much like its naturally-aspirated counterpart. The most obvious giveaway would be the twin-exit exhaust, a signature design of the Forester XT. Other differences would be the black and black chrome exterior accents and a unique set of 18-inch wheels. The interior is carried over from the non-turbo SJ Forester except for the Forester Sport instrument cluster.

Turbocharged Subaru Forester not coming to Philippines? image

Given the popularity of the previous-generation Forester XT in the Philippines (and around the world, for that matter), we're surprised the new turbocharged Forester Sport is not included in Motor Image Pilipinas' timeline of launches. One possibility we can think of is because the turbocharged Forester could be a Japan-exclusive model. Hopefully that isn't the case as we'd like to see the Forester XT return in the market.

Do you think Motor Image Pilipinas should bring in the Forester Sport as the new Forester XT? Let us know in the comments.