Subaru and all-wheel drive (AWD) are like 'sinangag and tapa'. They just go together with the brand's boxer engine. With that, it's hard not to associate a Subaru without its signature Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system.

All Subaru models sold by Motor Image Pilipinas come standard with AWD, and it's the same case with most of the world. While there are non-AWD Subaru models even today, such as the BRZ, these numbers pale in comparison to AWD models.

Subaru has made over 20-million AWD vehicles image

Last month, Subaru achieved a production milestone. According to the automaker, they have produced 20 million all-wheel-drive Subaru models as of June 2021. It's an impressive feat considering Subaru only introduced its first mass-produced AWD passenger vehicle in 1972 – the Leone 4WD Estate Van. A feat that took nearly 50 years to achieve.

Subaru has made over 20-million AWD vehicles image

The AWD Leone was a model mainly available in Japan, and it would take another three years before arriving in the US in 1975 on the DL/GL Wagon. At the time, however, it wasn't called Symmetrical AWD. Instead, it was introduced as “On-Demand” 4WD. It wasn't until later on did Subaru evolve into the Symmetrical AWD we know today.

Since 1996, Subaru of America decided it would offer its entire lineup with AWD, and it stands to this day – from the Impreza to the Ascent. The only exception would be the rear-wheel-drive BRZ. It's the same in the Philippines. The front-wheel-drive Subaru models were never made available locally, even in previous models.

But what about future Subaru vehicles? It will remain the same, even for all-electric models like the Solterra. The Japanese marque has confirmed that their upcoming EV crossover will continue to have AWD, just like its combustion engine counterpart. With that, there's no need to worry about Subaru losing its AWD capabilities, even in the electric future.