Subaru recently reveiled their latest stars in the 2007 Outback 3.0R and Legacy 2.0R.


Executive sedan + SUV roadability = Outback

Using Subaru's unique symmetrical all-wheel drive properties (such as a low center of gravity, stability and a compact boxer engine) as a launch point, the 07MY combines the creature comforts of an executive car with a sport utility vehicle's (SUV) road ability - and then some. The Php 2.249 million 3.0R variant features Subaru's new SI-DRIVE (Subaru Intelligent DRIVE), which allows for easy conversion to any of three levels of engine performance - Intelligent, Sport and Sport Sharp - at the flick of a switch.

This opportunity to tune the Outback's DOHC 3.0L H-6 boxer engine from the driver's seat can be done via a toggle knob on the center console and the steering wheel, and is visible via a multi-function display (MFD) within the rev counter and an ECO gauge in the speedometer. Accessing the "Intelligent" setting provides the smoothest driving in all situations, with mild throttle response and complete ease of handling (with emphasis on fuel efficiency). The "Sport" setting ensures that you can elicit complete and smooth performance from the horizontally opposed boxer engine (so-called because the layout of the pistons when moving look like boxer's fists in motion), making it ideal for highway driving. The last setting ("Sport Sharp") can be accessed on the steering wheel's lower right part, and is ideal for aggressive driving on winding roads and exciting driving situations requiring every digit of the Outback 3.0R's 162hp and 297 NMs of torque.

The contains four notable features that make the Subaru driving experience much better - bi-xenon headlamps, dual zone automatic airconditioning, paddle shifting and eight way power-assisted front seats. The bi-xenon headlamps (optional on the Outback 2.5i, standard on the 3.0R) have pop-up headlamp washers, along with mobile reflectors within the xenon headlamps that shift to a higher beam plane when one switches to the bright setting. The dual zone automatic airconditioning features independent left and right temperature control, along with a rear ventilation system (standard on the 3.0R) in order to afford every Outback occupant their own comfort zone. The eight way power-assisted driver's seat has two memory settings that can be restored at the touch of a button. The tilt/telescopic steering wheel has paddle shifters (accessed only in "Manual" mode) located behind it, along with satellite buttons flanking the steering wheel for audio control ease.

Legacy of driving fun

The 2007 Legacy continues to assert itself as Subaru's core vehicle, with Impreza-like agility cloaked in an executive sedan chassis. Available as a Php 1.49 million sports executive sedan or a Php 1.59 million executive wagon, both flavors feature an exterior that has been made sharper and bolder, performance that is close to total driver enjoyment and an interior that takes the Subaru "sports-executive" character to higher levels.

The Legacy's core technology is Subaru's symmetrical all-wheel drive (AWD), which allows the vehicle to perform in any weather condition and in any type of road, with traction and stability rivaling that of its Impreza or WRX brethren. This type of AWD has a unique layout, where the drive train is in a direct line from the compact and low-vibration boxer engine. This creates a low center of gravity and equal lateral/longitudinal balance, ideal for situations where the tires are close to the point of adhesion loss, where the roads offer little grip and the weather is not cooperating.

The sporty character of the Legacy is consistently embodied, even in naturally aspirated 2.0R form. This variant is powered by a DOHC two-liter boxer engine, with locker armless valves for stress free intake at high engine speeds and Active Valve Control System (AVCS) in the camshaft drive system for flat torque response at any point in the tachometer. On the other hand the 3.0R variant totes this time a six-cylinder engine, along with a Sportshift E-5AT (a five speed automatic transmission) that allows the driver to change gears manually (via the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel) and eliminates shift shock when going down a gear. A third variant (the 3.0R spec.B) enhances performance driveability with 18-inch wheels, Bilstein performance shock absorbers and a choice between the Sportshift E-5AT version or a six speed manual tranny originally developed for the 2006 Impreza WRX STI (Subaru Technica International, Subaru's high performance division).