Think your Subaru is the most pristine in the country? You're in luck as Motor Image Pilipinas (MIP), the official distributor of Subaru cars in the country, is looking for the most seasoned Subaru in the Philippines.

This is not your typical search however as MIP is looking for a Subaru that has withstood the test of time and still looks good after piling on thousands of kilometers on the odometer. To be eligible to join, each Subaru must have accumulated at least 100,000 km or more, must be registered with the LTO and is road legal, and that the car's OR/CR matches with the owner's entry.

Should one be able to meet all the requirements, contestants can log on to and input all of the details listed in the microsite. Information such as the make, model year, mileage, name of the owner, scanned copy of OR/CR, scanned copy of owner's I.D., and photos of the vehicle will be needed.

Subaru PH is searching for the most well-kept, 100k mileage vehicle

When finished providing the necessary info, all details will be sent to the After Sales Department of MIP for screening. The contestants will receive an acknowledgment e-mail if all the requirements are met. The final criteria will consist of the following; 40-percent truthfulness of submitted information and 60-percent for exterior, interior and running condition.

Judging and deliberation will begin on February 1 to 8 of next year. The winner will then be invited to an awarding ceremony on the 2nd week of February. The winner will receive the following prizes: authentication certificate from Motor Image Enterprises, travel gift check worth Php 30,000, a testimonial advertisement of the owner's Subaru and a year's supply of Shell V-Power Racing fuel.

The contest runs from November 19, 2017 until January 31, 2018.