Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), the parent company of Subaru Automobiles, has reached a production milestone after the company was able to build its 15-millionth Boxer engine. The 15-millionth milestone was achieved in the 49th year since FHI developed the all-new horizontally-opposed water-cooled four-cylinder aluminum engine and adopted it in the Subaru 1000 compact passenger vehicle in May 1966.

The horizontally-opposed orientation of the engine not only made up for the engine's compact dimensions, but the unique layout of the pistons lessened vibration, provided better balance and smooth power delivery compared to in-line engines according to Subaru.

Alongside the engine, FHI also marked another achievement last month when the company was able to produce the 14-millionth unit of its Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system which was first used on the Subaru Leone back in September of 1972.

Under Subaru's "Confidence in Motion" brand statement, FHI will continue to pursue its engineering excellence and enhance the distinctive appeal of the Subaru brand to offer enjoyment and peace of mind to customers worldwide.