Following Toyota’s increasing of stakes in Fuji Heavy Industries from 16% to a solid 20%, the rumormill has been churning about another possible collaboration between the two Japanese manufacturers. This time though, it appears Subaru will be looking to Toyota to help create the next-gen WRX STI. Following an article from Best Car, a Japanese online publication, the next WRX STI could supposedly have ties to the Toyota Yaris WRC.

Be that as it may, information at this point is still fringe as far as factual pieces go. The article goes further to claim that the WRX STI may possibly ditch its four-door format in favor of the original GC8 WRX STI’s two-door coupe layout. Translations from the page also indicate that the FA20 Turbo will find its way to the next-gen STI; A no brainer at this point considering the EJ20’s retirement with the VA STI Final Edition. As per STI parlance, we can expect the new generation FA motor to be mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

Best Car Web sources point out that this potentially new WRX STI will make its debut sometime between 2021-2022, a few years off still. Judging from the input we’ve seen though, it may seem entirely unfeasible for Subaru to ditch the four-door format for the WRX STI completely – it is one of its strong selling points afterall. Moving to a coupe body will eliminate the demographic that is looking for practicality mixed with performance, and that we think is a chunk of pie Subaru is not willing to lose. Should this info hold any water, perhaps Subaru will retain the four-door format for the WRX and offer the WRX STI with its own exclusive coupe body.

Either way, another Subaru x Toyota collaboration should make for another interesting vehicle if the 86 BRZ tandem is anything to go by.

Source: Best Car Web