In order to speed up their service to customer vehicles, Motor Image Pilipinas,Inc., the official Subaru distributor in the Philippines, will soon be launching a new express service available in dealerships. Officially called Subaru Express, it takes inspiration from the express service offered by a number of Subaru dealerships in the U.S. 

The goal of Motor Image Pilipinas’ upcoming quick service is to help catch up with the slight backlog of maintenance work in Subaru dealerships across the country. To be specific, Subaru Express is essentially a fast tracked periodic maintenance service (PMS). All PMS related work such as oil change, multi-point inspection, tire rotation, and other minor maintenance work will all be done in more or less 60 minutes.

Motor Image Pilipinas will have specially dedicated service bays for the upcoming Subaru Express Service. Special tools and equipment will also be used in order to speed up service time of vehicles. That said, dealerships will continue to have regular service bays for vehicles requiring more intensive maintenance work or other repairs. 

Unlike the usual ‘casa’ maintenance, Subaru Express Service will not require any appointments ahead of time. This allows Subaru owners to drive in and out within a relative short time period. 

Currently, the Subaru Express Service is in its pilot stage at Subaru Manila Bay. However, Motor Image Pilipinas will soon be rolling out the express service to other Subaru dealerships in the country.