Subaru makes cars that are very rarely called pretty, or stylish. That's just their way, and the company the puts function over form has been very successful in getting markets all around the world to accept that their brand of automobile is different, but in a very good way.

Well that could change, as Subaru has announced plans to make some changes in their design, as outlined in their new mid-term management vision that they call STEP. 

In that plan, Subaru says they will make their Dynamic x Solid design philosophy even bolder. More importantly, Subaru stated that they intend to reveal new, fully-redesigned versions of their most important models every year. 

Given the strength of their SUVs and performance cars in key markets, Subaru says they will “enhance distinctive SUV and sports models”.

Subaru also outlined that they will intensify the drive to make safer vehicles with better crash protection amd driver assist technology. The company will also make improvements on fuel economy and reductions in emissions.

Subaru's STEP vision also highlighted a lot of changes and improvements that will drive the company in the near future. Apart from goals such as reforming their corporate culture, making improvements in quality, customer value, customer satisfaction, product planning and production, the company aims to enhance their alliance with Toyota through electric vehicle platforms and connected tech.

The company has also announced a partnership to establish a fund for start-up Japanese businesses in the effort to drive tech innovations. Though perhaps the most telling is how the corporate plan made no mention of motorsport or rally-related activities.