Subaru has been working on an all-electric SUV for a few years now, and they've had the help of Toyota as well. Back in 2019, Subaru announced that they were co-developing a new all-wheel-drive BEV platform together with Toyota. No specifics were given at the time. They did say, however, that it would spawn a C-Segment BEV SUV model “for sale under each company's brand” in the future. Meaning it would be a twin, just like the 86 and BRZ.

Unfortunately, they have yet to officially reveal it. But, Subaru has shared more details about it as they prepare to launch their EV in the near future. According to the Japanese automaker, the EV will be a crossover similar in size to the Subaru Forester. Not surprisingly, they add that it will use the platform co-developed and shared with Toyota. No technical details were revealed regarding the platform or electric powertrain, however.

When will we see Subaru's Forester-sized EV? The company is a bit vague on the vehicle's timeline at the moment. Subaru only said that the EV crossover is slated for introduction in “the first half of the 2020s”, meaning sometime before 2026. They did say that additional information regarding the vehicle will be announced next year.

What's interesting about Subaru's upcoming EV crossover is that the announcement came from their European subsidiary. Meaning, the vehicle is mainly targeted for the European audience with stricter emission standards. Don't be surprised, however, if it gets offered in other markets around the world.

So far, Subaru only has mild-hybrid vehicles in the form of their e-Boxster models. With the introduction of an upcoming EV crossover, the automaker will finally have a zero-emissions vehicle for its customers.

What do you think of Subaru's upcoming mid-size EV crossover? Will it just be an EV version of the Forester? Let us know in the comments.