Toyota and Subaru have long been working on vehicles together. No, it's not just the 86 and BRZ; the two have also been developing a new electric crossover. So far, Toyota has already revealed theirs and it’s called the bZ4X.

Now Subaru has followed suit with the reveal of their version... or at least the silhouette. And the name: Subaru’s EV crossover will be called the Solterra.

Rather than a futuristic name comprised of letters and numbers, the Japanese automaker opted for a more traditional nameplate for their EV. The name comes from joining the words “Sol” and “Terra”, the Latin words for the “Sun” and the “Earth” respectively. According to Subaru, the EV was named to “appreciate mother nature and further advance the form of coexistence with it”.

Subaru Solterra is the next Toyobaru project... and it

Unfortunately, Subaru has yet to reveal the crossover in full. Instead, we’re only shown its silhouette and the Solterra badge at the rear. But from the two photos, we can already pick up a few details about Subaru’s upcoming EV crossover.

For starters, the outline of the Solterra looks identical to the Toyota bZ4X. This is not surprising, considering the two models were developed together. The Solterra uses a different set of headlights and also has a different grille compared to its Toyota counterpart. There’s no Subaru logo on the edge of the hood. We expect to see it in the center of the grille.

On to the other photo, and it shows the Solterra badge. There are not too many details to go on, but the taillights appear to be similar. Subaru didn’t leave the dirt below the badges on without reason either. It indicates that the EV crossover will still be capable of going off-road. It’s also an indication that all-wheel drive will be standard, as with any Subaru I suppose.

The Subaru Solterra will go on sale in 2022, including Japan, the US, China, and Europe. It is still uncertain whether Motor Image will bring in the EV crossover once available on the market.