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Subaru unveils new modular Global Platform for next-gen models


New Global Platform to be applied on the fifth-generation Impreza

Fuji Heavy Industries, manufacturer of Subaru vehicles, has announced their latest development in their Vision 2020 plan which was announced back in 2014. The Gunma based automaker has unveiled their new modular Global Platform that will see the basic foundation of next-generation Subaru models.

“The Subaru Global Platform lifts Subaru’s automotive technology to new heights, and marks the next step in the evolution of “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind,” the value that Subaru offers to its customers. This new platform represents the culmination of the know-how we have developed over many years, and we are confident that it will allow us to produce vehicles that live up to our proud traditions and meet the high expectations customers have of Subaru. We continue to work on designing ever-more attractive vehicles that offer the customer both enjoyment and peace of mind.” said Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, President of Fuji Heavy Industries.


According to Subaru, the new platform promises a more engaging and dynamic drive. Subaru focused on three points with the new chassis, namely straight-line stability, noise and vibration suppression and higher levels of comfort. The Global Platform is “at least 70%” more rigid than the ongoing chassis and brings with it a lower center of gravity along with body mounted rear stabilizers, enhancing vehicle dynamics. With a more rigid structure and stronger chassis joints, cabin resonance has also been lessened.

On top of that, the new frame structure now features an increased use of high-tensile steel plates including materials formed by the hot press method. Subaru says the architecture enables more efficient energy absorption in the event of collision and impact energy absorption has been improved by 40% over the present models.

The significant highlight of the modular Global Platform is the compatibility of alternative power applications. The new platform will offer a single unified design concept for all Subaru models. This means that the new structure allows one design concept to be adapted not only to internal combustion engines but also to hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrids, electric cars, and other types of alternative power units. This also cuts down in development time and costs in the long run. Subaru adds that the the resulting savings can “make our products more competitive”.

The first Subaru vehicle to use the Global Platform will be the upcoming fifth-generation Impreza, previewed in concept form during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The sedan concept arrived later during the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. The production version of all-new Impreza is set to debut later this year

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