There's no shortage of hybrids and electric vehicles during this year's Geneva Motor Show. From sporty models to crossovers, a fair chunk of debuts and concepts had some form of electric assist. One of them is Subaru with their Viziv Adrenaline.

Subaru Viziv Adrenaline image

If anything, the latest concept from Gunma somewhat resembles a futuristic XV. With its upswept headlights, wide stance, signature (upside down) hexagonal grill, there is a strong resemblance to the current Subaru design language. It also looks like a tall hatchback, much like the XV. While Subaru's smallest crossover is still relatively new, the Viziv Adrenaline concept could be a preview of things to come from the brand.

In typical crossover fashion, thick cladding surrounds most of its bottom half. And while the vehicle's profile suggests a three-door design, a closer look reveals that it is actually a five-door. Also, Subaru fans will note that it has frameless windows, much like their cars from the past. As for the rear, the overall look is rounded with defined character lines to add a little more flair.

Subaru Viziv Adrenaline image

For the oily bits, Subaru didn't mention much details. The only thing they did say is that it is powered by an e-Boxer mill. If anything, the concept cements Subaru's commitment to hybrid power, as seen in their current range. Symmetrical All-wheel Drive is, of course, a given for the concept Subaru. 

Now, will this be the look of the next-generation XV? It's too soon to tell as the current model is only about two years old, so it still has a long way to go before it gets redesigned. But the concept appears to show a bolder future for design over at Subaru.