The Lexus LX 570 is a full-sized SUV with an already robust engine but apparently not ‘robust’ enough for Lexus’s Kuwaiti distributor.  In a state where pump prices are at 11 Philippines pesos per liter, it does make sense to add just a little bit more power, for those occasions when they have to outrun a sandstorm I guess.

Available only in the Middle East, the LX570 will now get a supercharger.  Simply called the LX570 Supercharger, the 5.7L V8 will now produce 450HP as compared to 362HP from its naturally aspirated counterpart.

To differentiate the exterior from the ‘standard trim’ the exterior chrome is replace with black trim and it will also sport 20-inch wheels and a rear spoiler.

Inside, the cabin will be laid over with crimson leather seats and red-accented carpet.  The sill plate will also indicate ‘Supercharger.’ 

This spec will only be available in the Middle East since this is a distributor-initiated project plus a supercharged version may encounter emissions issues in other countries.