As it is, the Cadillac Escalade isn't a small SUV. It's over five meters long, a hair over two meters wide (sans the side mirrors), and weighs north of 2.5 tons. But for some, the standard model just isn't big enough nor flashy enough.

Enter the fourth-generation Escalade ESV, and Cadillace addressed all that.

Cadillac had added over a foot in length of the regular-length Escalade; by over 400 mm to be exact. The wheelbase, on the other hand, has been extended by more than a foot too with another 336 mm placed between the wheels. The result is an SUV that measures in at 5,766 mm long while width has been slightly increased by 3 mm at 2,060 mm. To put that into perspective, it's even bigger than the already lengthy (and wide) Chevrolet Suburban.

From the front bumper to the middle, the Escalade ESV is almost indistinguishable from the 'short' wheelbase configuration. It's when you look towards the rear where you see just how much Cadillac stretched it. The rear doors are now longer and squarer because of that extended wheelbase and the window line is flatter than the standard Escalade. Also, the piano black garnish between the rear door and rearmost windows have been lengthened as well. As for the rear, it's mostly the same as its 'shorter' counterpart.

There are two engine options for the Escalade ESV. First is a gas-fed 6.2-liter V8 that's good for 420 PS and 624 Nm of torque. For the first time ever in the ESV, there's a turbodiesel option as well with its 3.0-liter inline-six. Power is much less than the V8 gas engine at 277 PS, but it matches it for torque, as it is also rated at 624 Nm. Both shift via a ten-speed automatic transmission.

While we don't get the Escalade or Escalade ESV here, officially at least, we might get diesel-powered versions of the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban. Chevrolet Philippines said that they are studying the viability of bringing in their diesel-powered full-size SUVs. Here's to hoping that the new 3.0-liter diesel is compatible with our fuel here. If not, then it's back to the gas V8.