There’s another reason for this Union of all that is great and wonderful, this Brotherhood of Coolness and Hippies come flocking together on April 28-30, 2017 in San Juan La Union.  

LAbor UNION- SJRRHASS Festival 2017! It is bigger, better, banging and more importantly, IT IS BACK!

A revival from its 2015 festival, Mindfuel Events upped the ante by bringing together prominent establishments and personalities to San Juan, La Union, with non-stop happiness-crusade for the serious party revelers. So be #Ready4Summer and be part of LAbor UNION 2017!

LAbor UNION-SJRRHASS Festival’s comeback is enough reason for everyone to come together and plan your road trip of the year! But here’s why we call this major event the Mother of Festivities:


San Juan La Union will not only be the ultimate hangout this coming Labor Day, it is also packed with all kinds of activities and has everything for everyone – And what’s a party without music? This year’s LAbor UNION-SJRRHASS Festival tune fest will be running for three nights with superb performances from iconic Filipino talents which will definitely make the days of LAbor UNION flow with good vibes. 

So for ones who are itching for that soulful ride, these musical heroes up on-stage are experts on taking on musical hitchhikers. All you need to do is to shut your eyes, surrender to the roaring music and enjoy the sight of the soaring the sky…. Now that’s one trip that will definitely give you some sort of musical high.

Thanks to Warner Music and to Smart Communications they will be bringing artists and musicians who will fill your hunger for music from dusk ‘til dawn.


Calling all adrenaline junkies! If you’re seeking for a buzz, then this event is what you’re looking for since it has got one hell of a kick! 

AXN is bringing Big Thrill to anyone who’s up for some delightfully daring obstacle courses that will put your stamina to the test. Especially good for those who want to break a sweat! This might just be the biggest thrill you will ever encounter in the North. This is to truly test each other’s skills and make it to the final round and get bragging rights to be this year’s ultimate winner.

So for all you thrill addicts, don’t get too sloshed the night before because registration starts at 5AM. Be buff, be tough, be Big-Thrill-ready!

Silent Disco

The beach awaits those who like to paddleboard or to simply lounge around until the music drops …perfect game plan listening to house music from local Djs brought by SONY Silent Disco on April 29.

Sony has been with us for generations and they are revolutionizing the disco scene, man! This is the shindig of the millennials! The silent disco.

Silent Disco? A true head scratcher, really. How does it work? Ain’t discos supposed to be blasting with tunes while we try our very best to have fun and still carry a loopy yet great conversation? That might be true but they are changing the uproar happenings this generation has gotten used to having to a polite society one. 

Gone are the unapologetic-blaring-of-music-through-the-speakers days. It is where the background music of the one just watching would be the dancers’ stomping and thumping of their feet while sweaty flesh bumps on another sweaty flesh. Sounds good, I mean, looks good, right? 

So to all you haven’t tried this kind of clubbing, take the headset, put it on and turn it up! (Or down… uh, you know what I mean.)  


As the sparkplug of this whole event, The Department of Tourism plays a major role by bringing us, not just sounds and fun, but also culture. This event pays homage to the different indigenous groups of Northern and Southern Cordillera called The Kankanaeys. 

In the olden days, they normally express their art thru their aesthetics but also mainly thru literature. This festival is giving them and us the opportunity to witness the evolution of their craft by asking them to perform & show their art and music, and talk about what is really important to them, their heritage and livelihood. 

This is our chance to get to know more about what our country has to offer, connect with our fellow festival-goers and find out how else we can truly reach out and help our brothers and sisters.

Car show

The coveted awards in this segment will be an eye-candy for competitors and car enthusiasts. For those who like to see customized paints, enhanced body engines, vintage cars and the likes, this cannot be missed.


How else can we end this adventure of the year? For one, you started this whole escapade with the ultimate road trip going North, had lots of different experiences during the three-day-event and what do we take away from all of these? A whole new bunch of friends! Or for the single ones, probably a budding relationship!

This three-day event will give you lots of opportunities to meet and mingle and even jive with some strangers. 

So get your wine connoisseur mode on like there’s no tomorrow as Philippine Wine Merchants brings a wide variety brands they carry: Stoli, Corona beer from Mexico, Sapporo beer from Japan,  Mahou beer from Spain, Montes wines and more. . 

La Union is also very much known for its surf spots, so get stoked and prepare to meet the psyche of your dreams. This trip could just be a ripple or it can be huge wave-worthy in your life, but still, make sure to shave those legs, tone those muscles and turn on your charm. Surfer dudes or babes might just turn out to be the one. While you’re at it, grab C500 drinks in designated areas to quench that thirst and get more energy in scouting for those lovely peeps attending this festival.

There are still a whole lot more to do and witness in this year’s 'Mother of Festivities'. Stop weighing the PROs and CONs, pack your bags and come to the majestic North for the convergence of a true musical and sports show!

Clear your schedule, and travel to San Juan, La Union from April 28-30, 2017 for LAbor UNION- SJRRHASS Festival 2017.

LAbor UNION 2017 is supported by the Department of Tourism, Philippine Tourism Board and San Juan Resort Restaurant and Hotel Association, Lazada, media partners: Status Magazine,, Our Awesome Planet and