Compared to other automakers, Suzuki is a bit behind when it comes to electrification. At the moment, the Japanese marque doesn't have a battery-electric vehicle in its lineup, even in Japan. At the most, they offer hybrid versions of the Vitara, Swift, S-Cross, Swace, and Across. However, it seems that will all change in a few years.

Suzuki announced that they will be establishing an “EV Business Headquarters” to promote their EV business. The announcement came along with several managerial changes, with key figures being appointed in the new department. However, specific details about Suzuki's new EV Business Headquarters have yet to be released.

Suzuki electric vehicles are coming soon image

With the establishment of their EV Business Headquarters, we can expect Suzuki to accelerate the introduction of their battery electric vehicles on the market. What will those vehicles be? The first batch of Suzuki EVs could be based on current models in the lineup to speed up their entry into the market. That means we could see an electric Swift or Vitara in the not-so-distant future. Does the idea of an electric Jimny excite you?

Aside from existing models, Suzuki could roll out new models as well. Last year, the automaker introduced the Futuro-e Concept in India. It's one of the most futuristic-looking Suzukis to date. Unlike current models, it also adopts an SUV-Coupe body style often seen in European marques such as Porsche, Volkswagen, and the like. Considering how popular electric crossovers are today, a production model of the Futuro-e Concept could be in the works.

There's still a lot of unknown about the future of Suzuki's EV lineup. But one thing is for certain, with the establishment of their EV Business Headquarters, the automaker is going all-in on electrification.