The second-generation Ertiga has been a sales success for Suzuki since it was launched about a year ago. However, that doesn't mean that the Japanese automaker is patting themselves on the back and resting on their laurels. For 2020, Suzuki added a few enhancements to the popular MPV to keep its momentum going.

When we said a few enhancements, we really meant it. Still, these are upgrades nonetheless and it might make it even more appealing for those in the market for a small seven-seater.

Suzuki Ertiga gets (very) mild updates for 2020 image

Nothing has been changed to the body of the Ertiga this year. That said, you might have noticed that it's riding on a new set of alloy wheels this time around. Gone is the multi-spoke design and has been replaced by a set of rather interesting looking two-tone wheels. They also added a new color, which they call 'Brave Khaki'.

Suzuki Ertiga gets (very) mild updates for 2020 image

What about the interior then? Upon first inspection, you won't find anything that immediately pops out. Take a closer look though and you'll notice something different in the center console. That's the addition of digital climate controls, replacing the dials of the current model. Other than that, the Ertiga is largely the same as before.

Its engine is still the same 1.5-liter mill that makes 103 PS and 138 Nm of torque. Transmissions are carried over too with your choices between a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual.

With changes this minor, what's the big deal then? That's because the Philippine market sources the Ertiga from Indonesia, where these updates have been introduced. As to when we will get these upgrades, that is yet to be determined, but it is possible we'll have it sometime in the middle of the year.