One of the most common questions asked about small, seven-seat MPVs is, 'does it have a diesel'? If it's not that, it's 'will there be a diesel'?

It's an interesting proposition for sure, which makes some people wonder why small turbodiesels haven't found their way into the country. Hopefully, Suzuki will be the first to bring it to the country with the upcoming Ertiga diesel.

Yes, the good news is that the Suzuki Ertiga will most definitely get a diesel option for its second-generation, as reported by Indian Autos Blog. The bad news? We won't know if Suzuki Philippines will bring it in here. But before we get to its prospects, let's run through some numbers.

The upcoming diesel engine option in the Ertiga will be a 1.5-liter unit developed in-house by Suzuki themselves. Output is lower than that of its gas-fed equivalent. Whereas the gas Ertiga makes 103 PS, the diesel produces 95 PS which puts it down by eight horsepower. But because it's a diesel, torque is almost doubled from 138 Nm in the 1.5-liter gas, to 225 Nm worth of pulling power in the diesel.

So, what are the chances of the diesel-powered Ertiga coming to the Philippines? A few weeks ago, we sat down with Keiichi Suzuki, Suzuki Philippines General Manager for Automobiles. When asked if they will bring in diesels in the country, he had this to say:

“We understand the appeal of diesel in the Philippines, particularly in the SUV and crossover market. That is why we are currently studying whether we need to bring diesel technology to the Philippines. However, we are approaching this matter delicately as other countries besides the Philippines have already moved away from diesel.”

With that statement, the chances of it arriving here appear slim. Also, all of the Ertiga's competitors are gas-powered, namely the Mobilio, and Avanza. Still, it's an opportunity for Suzuki Philippines to be the first among its competitors to have a diesel option. If they do decide to bring it in, the small MPV market will be that bit more interesting. For now however, it will be the Indian market that will get the Ertiga diesel.

Source: Indian Autos Blog