Maruti Suzuki launching 5-door Jimny in India on June 7

Suzuki held the public debut of the five-door Jimny back in January's Auto Expo. Now that we're nearing the halfway point of the year, the Japanese brand is gearing up to launch the model in India on June 7.

But before they even get to the actual launch, there's already strong demand for the five-door Jimny. If you're curious about the numbers, Maruti Suzuki says there are already more than 30,000 reservations for the five-door Jimny in the country where it will first go on sale.

Suzuki facing strong demand for 5-door Jimny image

Earlier in the year, reports say Maruti Suzuki is aiming to build around 100,000 units of the five-door Jimny per year. 66% will be allocated to the Indian market and the rest will be earmarked for exports. Numbers-wise, this means Suzuki already has reservations for around half of the five-door Jimny's Indian market allocation.

We're not at all surprised with such a strong demand for the five-door Jimny. As with our local market, there is still quite a long wait list for the three-door Jimny, and that is even though the model is already turning four years old this year.

Suzuki facing strong demand for 5-door Jimny image

Suzuki Philippines previously said the five-door Jimny could make its way to the country around Q1 2024. But considering how many customers in the world want to get their hands on the baby off-roader, then we may have to manage our expectations regarding the timetable of its arrival.