Suzuki's Indian subsidiary, Maruti Suzuki, has a big surprise for showgoers at this year's Delhi Auto Expo. No, it won't be a special version of the popular Jimny or the Swift. Instead, the automaker will be officially revealing their upcoming electric vehicle albeit in concept form.

Called the Concept Futuro-e, the upcoming EV crossover was conceptualized and designed in India. According to the automaker, it is specifically aimed at “ the aspirational youth who seek bold expressions”. There aren't any details released about the concept just yet. However, the automaker did call it a “design study for next-generation mobility solutions”.

No details about the powertrain or the EV technology fitted in the Concept Futuro-e have been revealed either. Do expect it to be announced once the EV concept officially debuts at the Delhi Auto Expo in a few weeks. What we do have now is a teaser preview of the concept. In this silhouette form, the Futuro-e certainly looks good. Rather than a traditional crossover/SUV design, it will adopt a sportier coupe-like styling. The sleek LED headlights and taillights also wrap around the body, giving it a more futuristic design.

“Concept Futuro-e resonates Maruti Suzuki’s commitment to create exciting designs for next generation. Offering a sneak peek into future of design, Concept Futuro-e represents Maruti Suzuki’s vision for the Indian automobile market. Pegged as an Indian car with global sensibilities, Concept FUTURO-e takes into consideration the evolving desires of country’s aspirational youth,” said CV Raman, Senior Executive Director (Engineering), Maruti Suzuki India.

Though the automaker calls it a design study, it is possible that a production model will spawn from the Concept Futuro-e. Considering that Toyota and Suzuki teamed up last year to build new models, this EV could be one of the first offsprings of that partnership.