Vehicle recalls are quite a common thing around the world. Manufacturers often issues recalls to fix underlying issues that were not addressed or overlooked when the vehicle rolled out of the factory. It can be for something small such as a few interior bits missing, or for something much more troublesome. It's not limited to older cars either, as even newer models (including those recently released) can be called in for recalls.

One of the latest vehicles hit by a recall is the all-new Suzuki Jimny. The Japanese automaker has recently announced a recall for a total of 21,248 new Jimny models saying that there is a possibility the vehicle will suffer a fuel leak due to a fuel hose malfunction.

Specifically, Suzuki says that the fuel hose molding on engines of affected models may not be as flexible and could be deformed from engine vibration and heat. In a worst case scenario, the hose could get damaged and fuel may leak onto the hot engine and start a fire. As a safety measure, the fuel hoses of all affected Jimnys will be replaced with new ones.

Jimny recall image

Suzuki says that the specific Jimnys involved were produced from May 11, 2018 to March 12, 2019. These are also Jimny models with the serial number JB64W-100092 to JB64W-121516.

Considering how popular the small 4x4 is even in the Philippines, it is possible that the local units may be affected as well. We have already reached out to Suzuki Philippines and are waiting for confirmation. We at will keep you guys updated on the matter in a future posting once more information comes in.