The rather minute Suzuki Jimny was perhaps one of the most anticipated vehicles in 2018, despite its small size. Suzuki is aiming to extend its popularity at the upcoming 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon next month with these two concepts – the retro cool Jimny Sierra Pick Up Style and the Armageddon-ready Survive.

For starters, they've transformed the Jimny SUV into a pickup and given it a serious retro transformation. And it's expected to create a lot of buzz at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and we don't think people actually go crazy over a new Jimny at the aftermarket show as much as they will at this upcoming one.

If you blink, you might actually think they shrunk the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series pickup and slapped on a Suzuki badge.

Suzuki Jimny 'woody' pickup for Tokyo Auto Salon is retro cool

Suzuki completes the retro transformation on the Jimny with a new mesh grill reminscent of the FJ40, 'woodie' style panels on the sides, and a set of cream-colored rims with chrome hub caps.

Suzuki just made their Jimny into a pickup

Suzuki also turned the Jimny into the 'Survive' concept which is geared towards disaster or apocalyptic survival. The Jimny gets a new shortened steel bumper (for better off-road maneuvering), external roll cage, checkered plate bodywork, headlight protectors, bead-lock wheels, and other survival gear.

Despite their diminutive sizing, these true-blue SUVs are not just for show and can go serious off-roading.