Jimny models in Philippines will still be Japan-made

The Jimny is one of Suzuki's most popular models all over the world. It's so popular that production is having a hard time keeping up with the demand. No matter which country you go to, there is a long waiting list to get one. Yes, the Philippines is included. However, the automaker might be able to shorten the waiting list very soon. How? By building the Jimny in India at the Maruti Suzuki Gurgaon Plant.

Suzuki has announced that the India plant producing the Jimny has officially started operations. The automaker has even rolled out the first India-built Jimny already. But is there a difference between the Japan-built and India-built Jimny?

Suzuki Jimnys sold in PH won

Well, apart from where they're built, Suzuki says there is no difference at all. All Jimny's built at the Gurgaon Plant in India share the same specification as the export models sold at the Kosai Plant in Japan. The vehicle will continue to measure 3,645mm long, 1,645mm wide, and 1,720mm tall. The engine is the same naturally-aspirated 1.5-liter mill producing 102 PS and 130 Nm torque. It will also use the same all-wheel-drive system, while transmission options include a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual. The India-built Jimny will also be available in left-hand drive (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD) configuration.

But where will the Jimny built in India be exported? According to Suzuki, vehicles built at the Gurgaon Plant will be produced “exclusively for the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa markets”. No, South East Asia is not included. This means that Jimny models sold in the Philippines will continue to be sourced from Japan.

Will Suzuki Philippines decide to import Jimny units from India to meet the high demand?  We have since reached out to Suzuki Philippines regarding the matter. The short answer is no. All Jimny units sold in the Philippines will still be sourced from Japan. They did say that an official announcement will be made if they do decide to import from India.