No one appreciates a smart aleck. In times like these, though, it may actually help with the transition into the “new normal”. Suzuki Philippines has found a rather light-hearted way to remember the health and safety protocols that everyone must follow as they start re-opening their dealerships so they came up with a new system (or acronym, more like): S.M.A.R.T.

All Suzuki PH dealerships are required to Sanitize Thoroughly. Workspaces along with common areas and customer lounges will undergo a sanitization process at least every two hours. Hand sanitizers will also be made available for everyone inside the dealership. As for vehicles, they will also be thoroughly cleaned whether coming from the shop after servicing, or from distributors. Test units will likewise undergo the same process, as will new vehicles before being turned over to their new owners.

Everyone is also expected to Maintain Safe Distancing. Display units in the showrooms will be reduced, and service tables will have a limited number of people. The standard one-meter gap between individuals will always be observed. That along with the use and wearing of masks and constant temperature checks are to be Adhered Strictly by employees to ensure theirs, and their customers’ health.

Suzuki dealership image

Distancing being mentioned, Suzuki is also encouraging customers to Reaching People Online. This will equate to less face to face interaction, thus the dissemination of information, appointment bookings, test drive requests, and other applications will be made available in the digital space. In addition, customers can opt for home delivery service of their brand new car to limit their exposure outside of their homes.

While many have been affected by the imposition of quarantines, Suzuki believes that Thinking Positively is just as important as physical safety practices. With that, Suzuki PH is one with the country in encouraging everyone to stay healthy, exercise regularly, and maintain a positive disposition amidst these trying times.

With everything now falling under a very systematic business format, it’s quite refreshing to see companies adapt to something simple, but no less effective. In Suzuki dealerships, and as we push forward from COVID-19, stay S.M.A.R.T., everyone.