Teaser of possible new Suzuki Vitara variant for PH has us scratching our heads

It was back in late 2019 when Suzuki Philippines launched the refreshed Vitara. Featuring a sleeker-looking exterior, Suzuki gave the B-segment crossover more standard features to go along with its refreshed exterior and interior.

All well and good, but ever since it debuted in late 2017, the crossover used the same engine. It's a 1.6-liter, naturally-aspirated inline-four that makes a respectable 115 PS and 156 Nm of torque. While there was nothing wrong with the four-cylinder, we, along with some customers, felt it needed a slightly more powerful engine.

Well, it looks like we'll getting that wish granted very soon, it seems. That's because Suzuki Philippines recently released a teaser image of what appears to be a new variant of the Vitara.

Is Suzuki PH launching a new variant of the Vitara this week? image

Based on the teaser image, it still features the same front grille and two-tone alloy wheels as the current top-of-the-line GLX. What's different, however, are the headlights which appear to have a slightly altered design.

This leaves us with the possibility that this Vitara could be the turbocharged Boosterjet version. Curious, we asked a Suzuki executive who wished anonymity. According to them, this is not the turbocharged version of the Vitara. However, they did say that it's a new variant for the Vitara and that it's going to be "something more".

Is Suzuki PH launching a new variant of the Vitara this week? image

With Suzuki still tight-lipped about the upcoming launch this May 28, 2021, we're not entirely sure what the company has in store in the next few days. Our best guess is this Vitara could be a special edition with a body kit or a bespoke interior, or maybe even a limited edition that will only be available for several hundred (or thousand) units.

In that case, could we be looking at another Black Edition similar to the Ertiga before? That is possible since the only variant the company is selling is the GLX (the GL+ is discontinued). But with the automaker not yet revealing any details, we'll have to wait and see what they will be launching this Friday.