Oil is every engine’s lifeblood. For different engines, using the right oil can spell the difference between reliability and engine life, or disaster. Suzuki recognizes that a vehicle manufacturer best knows what oil to use, and with that, they launched Ecstar, their own motor oil lineup for automobiles, motorcycles, and even marine outboard motors.

Suzuki named the lubricant "Ecstar" as they say it is their guiding "Star" towards an "Ecstatic" performance.

Ecstar’s automobile engine oil comes in two different formulations: semi-synthetic 5W-30, and fully-synthetic 0W-20. Both engine oils promise to provide maximum engine protection, optimal performance, and ultra-high efficiency for Suzuki automobile gasoline engines. The fully-synthetic blend comes in 1-Liter bottles priced at PHP 570.00, and the semi-synthetic blend will soon be made available in 200-Liter drums at PHP 390.00 per liter.

Owners of Suzuki motorcycles have nothing to worry about as Ecstar is also available for big bikes, backbones, underbones, and scooters. Promising the same protection, performance, and fuel economy, Ecstar motorcycle oils are available in fully-synthetic R9000 10W-40 4T MA2, mineral oil R5000 10W-40MA 4T, and scooter-specific R5000 10W-40MB 4T variants. They are priced per Liter at PHP 550.00, PHP 190.00, and PHP 230.00, respectively.

Those who own Suzuki outboard motors also have their own Ecstar product, the V5000 10W-40 Mineral Oil. Available and priced per Liter at PHP 395.00, the V5000 is SAE or NMMA FC-W graded, which according to Bay Marine Subic CEO Gregg Homan, is “very, very good”.

“We at Suzuki Philippines Incorporated are continuously moving forward with means to provide a better experience to all Suzuki Owners. It is with great pride that we officially launch Ecstar Genuine Oil for Motorcycle, Outboard Marine, and Automobile” said Spare Parts Department Head Nonito Dayandante.

“As the expectation towards our products evolves, the same attention to performance is required for durability and environmental protection. Suzuki has precisely re-formulated Ecstar to satisfy and exceed these requirements. It is with excitement that Suzuki owners will now be able to experience an enhanced Suzuki performance with Ecstar Genuine Oil. While we are not sure what the future holds, we can only promise that we will keep moving forward with our Dear Customers, Dealers and Partners,” Dayandante later added.