At the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki will be displaying various concept vehicles that are in line with their booth's theme of 'Excitement for Everyone, in Everywhere.' Suzuki has released photos of the concept vehicles that will be displayed at the show, some of which have design ques similar to that of other production vehicles.

Starting with the XBee, pronounced as 'cross-bee', the Hustler based concept is said to combine the interior space of a wagon, the ruggedness of an SUV, and the maneuverability of a small vehicle called a 'compact crossover wagon'. Three variants of the XBee will be put on display – standard, Outdoor Adventure and Street Adventure, each catering to various needs.

Suzuki to display familiar looking concepts at Tokyo Motor Show

The standard vehicle, finished in yellow, is said to be suitable for various lifestyles whether it be in the city or outdoors. The bumper and cladding have been finished in black, signifying its off road capability.

Moving to the XBee Outdoor Adventure and Street Adventure, the former is designed for 'grown ups who love camping.' Setting it apart from the standard variant is the revised paint job, and the wood panel on the sides. As for Street Adventure, it is intended for 'fashionable and active urban lifestyles', seen by its black paint scheme and bright side trim panel.

If the design of the XBee concept looks familiar, it is because it appears similar to Toyota's FJ Cruiser, especially the one finished in yellow. A baby FJ Cruiser per se.

Suzuki to display familiar looking concepts at Tokyo Motor Show

Together with the baby FJ Cruiser is a baby Toyota Alphard in the form of the Spacia Cutom Concept. Based off the standard Spacia Kei car, it is said to make its presence through its large front grill and revised head lights similar to that of Toyota's luxury van. This gives the Spacia Custom concept a more luxury feel compared to a standard Kei car.

Suzuki to display familiar looking concepts at Tokyo Motor Show

Previewing what the future could be is the Suzuki e-Survivor concept. The ladder frame concept features an electric motor in each wheel to give it all-wheel drive capabilities. The open top vehicle also sports a tall ride height making it appear to be a capable off-roader. Completing the futuristic design are the glowing blue wheels, clear doors with design inspirations taken from both the Jimny and Vitara.

Together, these three concepts will be featured along side other Suzuki production vehicles and concepts at their exhibit at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.