Suzuki Motor Corporation has achieved a production milestone after their iconic hatchback, the Swift, recently reached a cumulative worldwide sales figure of 5 million units in early April 2016.

Of the 5 million Swifts sold, India had the largest share with 54%. Coming in second and third were Europe and Japan who held 19% and 10% respectively. Other markets, on the other hand, account for 19%.

First launched in 2004, the hatchback became one of Suzuki's most recognizable and best-selling nameplates. The company claimed that it brought innovative changes in terms of car-production, design and handling. Moreover, it earned high praises thanks to its sporty looks, practicality and fun-to-drive personality.

Prior to reaching the 5 million production milestone, the company first achieved the 1 million milestone back in June 2008 with the first generation model. Then in January 2011, the Swift reached the 2 million production milestone. Two years later, the hatchback managed to break the cumulative worldwide sales of 3 million units. It was only in August 2014 when Suzuki was able to reach 4 million units of the Swift.

The Swift is currently being produced in Japan, Hungary, India, Pakistan, China and Thailand, and is available to over 140 countries and regions around the world.

The second-generation Swift is expected to be succeeded by an all-new model after what appears to be design renders of the upcoming new-generation Swift were leaked online.