After big concepts like the Kizashi, now its time for Suzuki to go back to their roots as they will be unveiling 3 new small cars at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show: the Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid, the REGINA and the Q Concept.

In line with Suzuki's unparalleled expertise in small cars, the theme of Suzuki's booth will be "small cars for a big future". Suzuki cars for today, the near future, and the more distant future will highlight the fuel economy, user-friendliness, innovation, brisk performance, and exciting styling that are possible within smaller dimensions - and the huge possibilities that small cars will realize in years to come.

First is the Swift EV Hybrid, a compact electric vehicle with an engine-driven generator. A compact vehicle such as the Suzuki Swift is typically driven 20−30km per day in Japan. The Swift EV Hybrid can cover such distances on battery power alone and can extend its range using an engine-driven generator.

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Compared with an electric vehicle that depend entirely on battery power, the Swift EV Hybrid has a smaller battery that's quicker to charge, weighs less, uses fewer resources, and costs less.


Next is the REGINA; Suzuki's vision of a next-generation global compact car with excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions thanks to lightness and superior aerodynamics.

Regina interior

Weighing just 730kg, the REGINA is as light as a minicar and it has a drag coefficient at least 10% lower than that of current models thanks to uncompromized efforts to heighten aerodynamic performance.

Regina rear

As a result, the REGINA has a projected fuel economy of at least 32km/L (measured in the JC08 test cycle) and CO2 emissions as low as 70g/km (measured in the New European Driving Cycle) using a petrol engine.

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Last is the Q-concept; a two-seat micro mobility for everyday life. The Q-concept is a new kind of mobility positioned between conventional motorcycles and cars. With a 2.5-meter overall length and two seats in tandem configuration, it's ideal for everyday journeys within a radius of about 10km.

Q Concept interior

In cities, Suzuki claims that the Q-concept is more practical than a car as it's more maneuverable and takes up much less parking space. At the same time, a cabin makes it a more attractive, more comfortable option than a motorcycle and is designed to be used for the short journeys in everyday life.

Other Q-concept configurations are possible. For instance, the Q-concept can have a single seat for a parent at the front and a two-person child seat at the rear, or it can be configured as a delivery vehicle with a single seat at the front and a cargo area at the rear.

All three will be on display at the Tokyo Big Sight for the Tokyo Motor Show from December 2 to 11.