Magyar Suzuki announced that they will be suspending production due to chip shortage

The global chip shortage continues to affect the automotive industry. With no end in sight, automakers like Nissan and Mitsubishi have already announced that they will produce fewer vehicles this year due to the lack of semiconductors.

Aside from cutting down production, some companies even had to temporarily halt manufacturing altogether. Automakers like Toyota had to pause production several times as there weren't any chips available.

The latest company to be plagued by this problem is Suzuki. The brand recently announced that they will be halting production at the Magyar Suzuki factory in Hungary for two weeks this month; this takes effect starting September 6, 2021.

Suzuki to halt Vitara production, PH to be affected? image

While some might say this will not affect the Philippines directly, do remember Suzuki sources the Vitara AllGrip from Hungary. Does this mean customers expecting a Vitara may have to wait a little longer due to the pause of production?

According to Suzuki Philippines, they currently have enough inventory of the Vitara AllGrip to serve customers. They also mentioned that customers need not expect any delays in serving any variant of the Vitara.

With predictions that the shortage will last until 2022 or possibly into 2023, automakers have no choice but to adjust to the ongoing global chip issue.