The new-generation Suzuki Celerio that debuted last year in Thailand will soon be available with diesel power as the company recently launched their new engine in India. Called the E08A, the 0.8-liter motor is a lightweight, compact two-cylinder turbo-diesel that was produced in-house in order to meet the needs of a small diesel-driven engine for city cars.

With an exact displacement of 793cc, the 8-valve engine focuses on weight saving as it is comprised of an aluminum block, a compact fuel distributor and a small turbocharger that is suited for 2-cylinder engines according to the automaker. In order to make the engine generate enough torque, Suzuki opted to decrease the compression ratio and installing a large intercooler which combines high pulling power and fuel efficiency on low revs.

The next-gen Suzuki Celerio with diesel power

In total, the 0.8-liter engine puts out 48 PS at 3,500 rpm along with a torque rating of 125 Nm that is readily available at 2,000 rpm. The automaker also stated that it topped fuel efficiency tests in India as it was able to average 27.62 km/l.

As small cylinder engines are notorious for their noise and vibration, Suzuki claims that they have optimized the flywheel, engine mounts and body rigidity. In addition, the automaker also placed better sound deadening to give the passengers some comfort.