Japan's largest optical chain - Paris Miki, recently launched their new Tagai driving eyewear brand to the Philippine market.

Tagai offers the best options  in driving eyewear that gives maximum eye protection. The name Tagai comes from the Japanese character δΊ’, which means 'unity'.

The brand is designed to meet standard requirements for eye protection, visual aptitude optimization and peak performance enhancements for drivers.

As a testament for being a brand that offers driving eyewear, Tagai has tapped Japanese Formula One driver Kamui Kobayashi as their official endorser.

Tagai has two frame designs, the Tagai ALPHA and the Tagai BETA. It comes along with either a diurnal (daytime) or nocturnal (nighttime) lenses. Moreover, the brand also offers the optional gold mirror diurnal lens.

The thing that sets Tagai eyewear from other brands are the crystal-like lenses that are designed to give maximum eye protection.

The lens technology of Tagai

The diurnal lenses (day lenses) are designed to diffuse reflections or glare coming from the road or from the vehicle’s dashboard.

The lens technology of Tagai

The nocturnal lenses (night lenses) reduce glare from oncoming vehicles’ headlights or mirror reflections. It creates a higher contrast through an easy diffusion of reflection by reducing short wavelength. With this, Tagai’s nocturnal lenses give clearer vision while driving at night.

The Tagai ALPHA collection is created to suit a variety of fashion taste for almost any occasion.

Tha Tagai Alpha collection

The Tagai Alpha collection has the following frame colors, (1) black and yellow, (2) black matte, (3) tortoise and (4) blue and black.

On the other hand, the Tagai BETA collection features a uniquely crafted outdoor eyewear with four frame designs.

The Tagai Beta collection

The frames available in the Tagai BETA collection are, (1) black matte and red, (2) gray and black, (3) red and white and (4) black and black mat.

For more information about the TAGAI driving eyewear collections, visit our website www.tagai.co or contact Mr. Manu T. Ofiaza at Tel. 687-0483 and Mobile no. 0917-8719388 or [email protected].

You can also check their facebook page for more photos.